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Alienware M17x laptop gets blocked

Hello to the community and Happy New Year,

I got my M17x laptop new in Feb 2015. It has the following specs:

Alienware M17x
Processor : Intel i7 4710 (3.5 Ghz, 6M Cache)
Display : 17.3" FHD
Memory : 16GB
Hard Drive : 1TB HDD / 80GB SSD
Graphics : 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M

Since then, I mostly used it for internet apps and rarely for gaming.
It came with Windows 7, already installed. Sometimes in November or early December2015 i upgraded the OS to Windows 10.
Based on my previous experiences with Dell the Mozilla Browser offered a better experience, but for whatever reason, with my Alienware it did not. It was running slower and slower when multiple tabs were opened, thus i said i should upgrade my OS. I observed one of the tabs that makes the browser go slow is yahoo or gmail mailer. Do you know if the Mozilla experience can be improved ?
When browsing with Edge, things seem to go smoother.

From the beginning of this year my laptop started to lock with no response. I rarely shut down or restart my laptop, i usually put it on sleep mode. And the issue usually happens when i start my computer. After the log in interface, i get a 1 second sound and then the computer gets blocked. Always in the same blue Win 10 interface page. I said it may be a temporary glitch but it now gets blocked daily, and almost each time i turn on my computer... I also said i should let it just like that for a bit but nothing happened so the only thing to do is to restart. The annoying thing is that in case i don't save my work, it gets lost with each forced shut down.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem with Alienware and if so, can it be fixed ?

Since i have purchased it, i have not altered any options. The only change was the OS upgrade.

Thank you for your attention!

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RE: Alienware M17x laptop gets blocked


Unfortunately, according to the policy document, the M17x series will not be supported on Windows 10. Some users have successfully installed Windows 10 on these non-supported systems. But they did all the driver investigation (example = installing 7/8/8.1 drivers) to force it to work. Dell does not have the resources to do this on non-supported systems.  I recommend you also try posting this on the Notebook Review and Alienware Arena forums for assistance. 

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