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Alienware M17x-r3 Graphics card problems, won't switch to geforce etc.

Picked up a used M17x-R3, it hasn't seen much actual use in it's life and is in great shape.

Brought it home, powered it up, installed world of warcraft and ran it on ultra, immediately crashed and blue screened. It told me it was running it off the Intel graphics card rather than the geforce. I went into the nvidia control panel, set everything to run off the geforce for Physx, for 3d settings, and I added the game and told the game itself and all related clients (battle.net) to run off the Geforce GTX 580M as well.

Problem still persists, it refuses to run anything off the 580M, and is still defaulting to the other card.

When I enter the bios, I can see the fact I have both cards, but it doesn't let me toggle them under the advanced tab, or even have the option for that matter. When FN+F7 is pressed I get "Your graphics solution is automatically configured for optimal performance".

Drivers both show in device manager. I've done fresh installs of both already and had no luck with either, as well as the actual driver to switch both.

Any ideas other than something went wrong when it was reformatted and doing a fresh reformat?

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RE: Alienware M17x-r3 Graphics card problems, won't switch to geforce etc.

I recall having a similar issue in the past with an old Alienware I had.  One thing you can do is right click on the shortcut for the game and it will give you options.  One should be for the video card.  You can choose the 580M that way.   At least, it's what I did.  

Hope you can do the same.

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