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Alienware M17xR3 and Alienware 17 Drivers compatible?


I was wondering if I could install the Alienware 17 drivers on my Alienware M17xR3, considering the fact that the M17xR3 drivers haven't been updated since 2011/12. (shame on you, no offence)

I managed to install OSD and Intel Management Engine Interface for 17 on my M17xR3 without any warnings (usually, the setup wizard blocks the installation if the machine is not compatible. Are there any incompatibilities between the M17xR3 hardware and 17 drivers? If there aren't any, please provide a list with all the supported 17 drivers that would work on M17xR3.

For instance, nVidia GTX driver works on all nVidia GTX graphic cards, why shouldn't it be the same for Intel HD graphics or bluetooth or whatever. There is not that much of a difference between M17x and 17 anyway.

If relevant, I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate, x64 and Insyde H2O A12 unlocked BIOS.

Thank you for your time!

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RE: Alienware M17xR3 and Alienware 17 Drivers compatible?


The drivers for each Alienware are specific to each model. They are not meant to be used on a different computer because the hardware in each system is different, so we don't recommend installing them on a different model.

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