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Alienware M17xR4 Graphics Card not working

Hey guys I just bought an Alienwarem17x R4 less than two weeks ago, and I'm already having a huge number of problems. The two main problems that presented themselves are that my audio isn't working, and that my NVIDA gtx 660M graphics card isn't working. When I switch my graphics from the intel to the NVIDA one it doesn't work, I run Dxdiag to see if it shows the graphics card itself but for all fields under video it gives me "N/A" I tried downloading the driver from dell but the same problem persisted. When I try running the Resoruce DVD that came with the laptop, the CD can't be read and I can't eject the CD until I reboot my laptop, I can only eject it while its rebooting. I called tech support and they told me they're sending someone replace my motherboard, is there nothing else I can do to make these drivers work? the laptop isn't even two weeks old.

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Re: Alienware M17xR4 Graphics Card not working

The Audio issue will be fixed with the motherboard replacement. The Video card issue I would need more details to try to determine that... What does the device manager show when you switch GFX cards and what does it show before that?

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