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Alienware M18 3D support question

I cannot seem to get a definite answer.

My question is does the Alienware M18 support external 3D monitor such as Alienware OptX AW 2310 23inch via HDMI?

I know for a fact that the M17 R3 does not support 3D externally (currently own with 3d Vision packaged)

but I did buy the Alienware OptX AW 2310 because It was a much bigger screen for viewing 3d content, unfortunitly it did not support the M17 R3 via external HDMI. Even though 5 Sales reps had informed me it would.

So I am currently interested in buying the M18 but I need to make sure I can view 3d Vision content externally to a 3d monitor, and not just for 3d Tvs.

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Re: Alienware M18 3D support question

Yes. I use my M18 to drive an Asus 3D monitor and play 3D games through the mini display port.  You need a special MDP to DVI converter cable that also has a USB power attachment.  DO NOT use a standard MDP to DVI converter.  You will not be able to run 3D.  It must also have the USB attachment.


Note: NO HDMI cable can run 3D applications in 3D viewing mode.  I tested them all. The only way to run 3D is through the MDP

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Re: Alienware M18 3D support question


What brand of MDP to DVI converter did you use?  

I'm on a Precision M6500 (Quadro FX 3800M) trying to pass 3D signals using a BizLink dual-link DVI converter (with USB power) from the display port to a Planar SA2311W monitor.  The signal almost passes the Nvidia 3D tests ... but cycles from positive 3D to negative 3D about every 10 seconds, then jumps back to positive 3D and repeats the cycle.  The DVI converter works fine for 1920x1080 signals.

I know the problem is in the converter as I can pass 3D to a 3D projector with no problems using the VGA cable and from an external 3D blue-ray player to the 3D projector using an HDMI cable.  I found a "3D Accell B087B-007B DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Dual-Link Adapter with 3D Support " on Amazon but only 4 reviews mention the 3D capability and only 1 was not negative.



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