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Alienware M18xR2 880M Sli upgrade

Hi, I need help with a few things.

  To start off, I had bought my m18xr2 back in early 2013, and it came with an awesome 675m sli. Well the cards burnt out and I had them removed. A few days ago I purchased (like an idiot) two 880m graphics cards for my empty R2. So far... Only one of the 880s is being recognized. I bought the cards with appropriate fans and heatsinks and everything went well hardware-wise. The one card by itself is amazing and working well... Strangely, since a lot of people are having problems. But the other one is not being recognized by the bios which makes me worried that my motherboard was fried almost 2 years ago. I really hope that it is a bios thing or maybe I need to re-seat the card, rather than a broken motherboard or "dead on arrival" card.

Any help will be appreciated and I look forward to learning more from experienced folk like yourselves!

Thank you!

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RE: Alienware M18xR2 880M Sli upgrade

The easiest way to check if it was a Dead On Arrival card would be to naturally test it on the port we are certain is working.
The thing that worries me the most. the 880M' s have not been properly tested on the 18x R2. I know some users have made it work. But the method is completely unknown to me.
I'm sorry I can't provide an immediate solution for you.

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