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Alienware MX14 Questions?

Morning everyone,

So im considering purchasing the Alienware MX14 as there are a few discount codes around that knock the price down a bit (and its pay day!).

I have currently configured: - 

Intel Core i5 3210m (3mb cache)

2gb GDDR5 GT 650M


With everything else as standard.

My question is - Is the i5 going to be able to cope with gaming as well as general day to day tasks (Will it bottleneck ect..) or is it worth upgrading to the i7 3610QM?

Also is this GPU any good?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Alienware MX14 Questions?

The GT 650m is a good card and the i5 will not be a bottleneck with it. I don't think it's worth going for the i7. The i5 can do all you will need and with less power which helps it be the portable laptop it always wanted to be


There are reviews out there on the M14x. I Googled one for you with the GT 650m. It's running the i7 but the CPU is not really what matters when gaming, it's the GPU.



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