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Alienware MX14 R2 Issues are numerous...

I'll just list these as they came up chronologically. If you have any fixes let me know cause I'm getting really fed up with this expensive piece of work...

Subwoofer rattles from day one and I am not a fan of loud noise so this thing barely ever was used above 50% volume and now going about 35% it's unbearable pretty sure it's blown... The THX software doesn't help much either as I keep lowering the bass below default and it no matter what brings the level back to factory.

The WiFi with the bigfoot card is spotty as best....

My CD drive now makes a loading sound once every few hours though it's only been used once and has nothing in it currently.

Recently the laptop has been particularly laggy and not as snappy as when first purchased.

I've already performed 2 OS reinstalls and this does not correct the problem.

The Alienware Windows Loading graphic is no longer running on restart or shut down. This I don't really care about just seems curious.

Seems like a bunch of hardware issues and software issues rolled into one.

I am pretty confident it isn't a virus or anything of the sort as the problems are prevalent even after an OS reinstall.

I personally know two other people with the same laptop and they have had similar issues but not to the degree I do. Though I do use my laptop far more than they do.

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Re: Alienware MX14 R2 Issues are numerous...


In case you don't have a truckload of data, consider taking a backup and reinstall all the applications using the resource DVD provided with the package. if you still faced a problem, Why don't you speak to dell service centre and have one of their technicians come over and have a look at the issue.



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