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Alienware MX18 Black screen and freezing.


After months and months of putting it off I have finally decided I need to sort out my MX18 R2 (2012).


The problem I have with it is that it often freezes for about 30 seconds and then starts working again.

Also, while i'm playing any game at all, (it's done it on about 10-11 games) the screen turns black and I am forced to restart my whole laptop.

I've considered just replacing the video card, RAM and Hard drive, but i'm not sure if I can replace my video card.


Anyone else have a similar problem?

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RE: Alienware MX18 Black screen and freezing.

If the screen goes black or if you see the screen freezing, it can be an issue with the video driver or the video card itself.
Which Video card and driver are you using on that system?

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