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Alienware MX18-R1 battery not charging... again


Second time this has happened since I purchased the M18x in December 2011. After 3 months the battery wasn't charging and the bios message said I wasn't plugging in a supported adapter (which I was). Anyways had a Dell support person come out and they said the power supply was faulty so they replaced it. A year later it's happened again. This time I'm out of warranty (stupid me didn't get extended... but then again I wouldn't think the adapter would be so bad on a 7k machine) so I'm stuck. I can't find a replacement power supply on the AUD website to get (if it is the same issue). Can someone help please?

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Re: Alienware MX18-R1 battery not charging... again


Do a search on the Australian vendor sites for XM3C3 330w Delta AC adapter. But, I have never seen them fail. If you remove the battery from the M18x-R1, does the system function? If yes, I would replace the battery first.

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