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Alienware Optx 23 - Config and 3d Help


I purchased the 23" optx from the factory outlet and it did not come with any documentation or the disk it's supposed to have for configuration.  I am having the following issues:

1.  "3d Ready Display not Found" when attemting to enable 3d vision -although I can use 3d vision on my M17x R3 just fine.  However, when plug the laptop into the monitor I can not get it to recognize it as a 3d device.

2.  Unable to select 120hz @ 1920 x 1080p in the nvidia control pannel.

3.  Despite spending hours and hours playing with both my desktop display settings in the nvidia control pannel, using windows to configure the monitor, or using the monitor onboard display settings, I can not get colors to render properly.  I'm told based on what I've read that the monitor comes with a CD to configure the color settings and I read that in the package contents on the Dell web site.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I contacted Dell Technical support and was told that they can not send me the disk and that configuring the colors is up to me and they do not support it.  However, out of the box and after resetting the monitor to factory settings, the monitor has a green tint to it.  So I attempted to select the presets to get it right and none of them seem to have accurate coloring.  I then attempted to configure the monitor manually many times with the RGB slider bars and nothing seems to get this monitor to look right.

Thanks all!


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as far as i know the alienware optx 23 is not built with HDMI 1.4 input of which the nvidia 3d vision needed to transfer 3d content from a laptop to 3d display

you need hdmi 1.4 cable and a display that has hdmi 1.4 input


the optix monitor requires the 3d vision package from nvidia it connects to the monitor

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Ok so I now understand that this monitor can not do 3d with HDMI which kinda me with this laptop but I'll accept that.  But if anyone can assist with my configuration settings, i would greatly appreciate it.

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