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Alienware R2 System Fan- Help please

Hello, I am having a problem with the system fan in the back of my Alienware R2. I was playing a video game when it started roaring, I opened up the thermal controls and it was running at 4k rpm. At first I believed it may have been the vid card, but it roars up when I run my anti virus as well. The sensors all read 24 degrees Celsius, which I think is normal. The lower back of the case feels a little warmer than usual when its roaring, and my computer operates normally. I have a Radeon 7900 series vid card, but can this possibly be the power supply? I have not experienced anything at all regarding reboots, crashes etc. to point to a power supply issue. I don't want my fan to burn out from it running like a leafblower. ANY help will be appreciated!!!

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Re: Alienware R2 System Fan- Help please

Hi Therm73,

Please help me with exact system model. Meanwhile request you to try following the below steps which might help:

(1) Update BIOS.

(2) You may also clean the air vents with a can of compressed air.

(3) Also you can open tower and clean the dust particles (if it’s a desktop).

For the above steps you may refer the below link for user manual and BIOS:

Input the system service tag and refine the search.

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Re: Alienware R2 System Fan- Help please

Install and run CPUID HW-Monitor and find out what your CPU core temps are.

Asetek CPU cooler might be:
- Not installed properly against CPU
- Malfunctioning
- Not being controlled properly
If the fan is spinning-up very fast (at least "trying" to do it's job) might indicate it's working but no longer installed properly (came lose, not flat, thermal paste not right, etc.).

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