Alienware R4 - Intermittent Black Screen

The monitor I've attached to my Alienware R4 via HDMI cable has been intermittently going black for a second or two, before the same image comes back and the computer continues working as if nothing has happened.

Computer general specs:

Intel i7 3960x @ 3.30 GHx

32 GB Ram
2x Nvidia 680 GTX

Windows 8.1 Pro x64

I've checked cables, enabled and disabled SLI, updated my Nvidia driver to 364.72, installed all Windows 8.1 updates, opened up the case and used canned air to blow out the dust from everything I could . . . all to no avail. I haven't overclocked anything.  But every now and then, the screen just blanks for a second or two before coming back as if nothing has happened.

Any ideas?

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RE: Alienware R4 - Intermittent Black Screen


Have you by any chance tested another HDMI cable to confirm if the same thing happens?

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RE: Alienware R4 - Intermittent Black Screen

Swapped out the HDMI cable - no joy. Plugged the cable into a different HDMI jack on my monitor - no effect.

A second computer plugged into the same monitor (different jack) doesn't exhibit this problem.

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