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Alienware R4 Win10 Fan Problem - Definitive Solution?

Last year I "upgraded" my Alienware R4 from x64 Win8.1 Pro to Win10, and soon had runaway fan problems. At that time I 'sort of" worked with it by going to manual in the Alienware Control Center, but it just wasn't right.

Shortly after, my HD failed, and was replaced under warranty by Dell; replacement had Win 8 on it, which has been upgraded to Win 8.1 again, and all is running well with AWCC v3.5 (NOT 3.6!)

Various posts I've read list solutions - some seem to work for some people but not others, some seem to work for a few months and then the fans go berzerk, and some have gotten feedback from MS that the R4 is NOT Win10 compatible.

With only a couple of days left for the "free" Win10 upgrade, I'm wondering if there was ever a "definitive" solution to the AWCC thermal/runaway fan problem, or an "official" response from Dell?

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RE: Alienware R4 Win10 Fan Problem - Definitive Solution?

I remember u from last year John. Our closest fixes were 'manual fans' & install 3.5 or 3.6 CmndCntr in 8 or 8.1 Compatibility mode. I suppose a person might try 2.8.9 / 2.8.11 / 3.0 in same compatibility mode.  

The closest answer I ever got was a private talk between customer & staff that was relayed to the public at my behest: New/Old Boot Up loud Fan issue Aurora R4


I suspected as much to come from a tête-à-tête which is why I asked for an open step-by-step fix. The answer is of course they know & knew all about it, their R4's in the Alien Lab most or all should have spazzed out on 10 last year. This isn't a fix, it's a lazy excuse. Auto fans should work, a new CmndCntr with a definitive fix is what Is needed, but this year long 'do nothing to help any one' is their way of saying: 'thanks for your money but adios, our time together was over July 29th with your token 10 drivers we released ...now stop asking us qwestions about your krazy fans?'

Mystery 7 (8.x ?) Upd8

Dell 7Update July 2015.JPG

whatever this is, I never installed it. Note it was released the same day as 10: June 29 2015

Similar to the Dell Support Assist app that borked systems, I can't help but wonder for a long time now if this is or isn't a problem update to apply pre-10. New clean 10 installs that made the fans go haywire of course would dispel any notion over it. 

I do not have this fan issue so can not troubleshoot it. I've said all I can about it. My advice: buy a fan controller for your dvd bay of about 18-30watts per channel (NZXT Sentry Mesh or similar). A person could try their radiator fan direct to the motherboard cpu_fan header I suppose, since that's what it's for: fan header to cool the cpu. If it spazzes out 100%, fan control software might work (speedfan.exe?); otherwise run it off the fan controller, mine never goes above 900-1200 rpm as it is. An improved cpu cooler like Aurora Premium 38mm 01YGW or Corsair 80i, better cooling could mean a lower fan rpm ie less fan noise. 80i would have its own Corsair Link software for instance, for fan speed, while the rest of the case fans plug into a fan controller at whatever rpm you normally keep them at ... if u can't find a 4pin pwm fan controller, replace your fans with standard 3pin types. Good luck John, you're on your own. All the posts we ever discussed this are easily searched for, easily found here & on Arena

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RE: Alienware R4 Win10 Fan Problem - Definitive Solution?

Cass-Ole, I know you were involved in trying to help from reading your responses to the many, many Alienware R4 customers afflicted with this Windows 10 problem.

Dell actually has been good when it comes to part replacement under warranty (I've had my HD and two Tact-X mice replaced) . . . but this issue must be in the bailiwick of another department that really doesn't care about customers.

For now, I'll just stay with Windows 8.1 - the computer is currently running fine (including the fans under AWCC!!) and getting "free" Windows 10 just isn't worth the headaches or the hassle of of getting another fan controller that "might" make everything alright. ("If it ain't broke, don't fix it.")

A pity - this is my 3rd Dell computer, and this issue will certainly will influence what brand I buy when I'm due for a new computer in the future.

THANK YOU for your response!!

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