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Alienware X51, GTX555, Triple monitor setup stopped working after I tried to use a different cable?

I had a 3 monitor set up on my alienware x51, icore 7 3rd generation, gpu is a geforce gtx 555, running windows 10. My original set up had 2 monitors via dvi on the gpu and a 3rd monitor via hdmi on the integrated hdmi port. Everything was fine and always had been, I never had to set up the monitors in the past, they just worked via plug and play.

Yesterday, I noticed my GPU had a mini hdmi port, so I went to buy a hdmi to mini-hdmi cable for one of the monitors so I could have all 3 connected to my GPU instead of one on the integrated port. Not only does the gtx555 not support 3 monitors but the monitor I bought the cable for didnt even have an hdmi port (i took a quick glance at the time, was actually a firewire)

So..I said no big deal and wired everything up the way it was before. Now only 2 monitors come on at once. They all work perfectly fine when plugged in independently, and depending on the combination I can get 2 to work at a time. Either both DVI monitors, or one DVI and the onboard hdmi. But whenever I plug in all 3, the 3rd monitor goes into sleep mode. What happened?? Without the lengthy story, essentially all I did was unplug a monitor and plug it back in...so confused.

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RE: Alienware X51, GTX555, Triple monitor setup stopped working after I tried to use a different cable?


Try doing a power drain. Follow the steps below to perform a power drain on the system.

  • Disconnect all external devices (USB devices, printers, all monitor cables, and the power cord as well).
  • Press and hold the power button for 30-40 seconds.
  • Reconnect everything again just like you had it when it was working.
  • Turn on the system

Let us know how it goes.

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