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Alienware X51 R1 gtx 660 heating issues

so I Purchased an Alienware x51 around Christmas of 2012 and it arrived in January of 2013, loved the system but around January this year (2014) I started to have to massive heating issues such as my GPU constantly going to 90-100 degrees Celsius while playing games like arma 2, thought this was odd for a while and then stopped playing any game that would bring my computer GPU to that level again so I was stuck playing little MOBA's on really low graphics until just before my summer break started my computer shut off and the GPU fan ramped up then It restarted like nothing happened, I knew that meant that there were some serious heating issues. I've recently applied some new thermal compound (paste) to my CPU as I thought that might be a reason for my whole computer overheating but today I found a post on another website called tomshardware where over people are having issues with the GTX 660 EVGA and apparently there are some heating issues with this card after different periods of time using it. I was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this heating issue or would I just have to buy a brand new GPU to fix this issue and hope for the best next time? 

EDIT: before I get linked this post  <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> I have tried all of this

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