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Alienware X51 System Restore Won't Work

I've tried just about everything. Restored to the earliest settings I could, but still can only boot in safe mode. AlienRespawn won't load, and when I try the shift+restart, and try System Restore from there, it tells me that I need the CD. When I boot in safe mode, and go to Update and Recovery from the PC settings window, and try to System Restore there, it tells me that the restore environment wasn't found. I've gone through all of the boxes and all I found is the Resource CD, but no system recovery CD. Can anyone please help me?

Edit: Also, I try Create a Recovery Drive, but it won't let me while in safe mode. And when I'm not in safe mode, all I get is a black screen.

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RE: Alienware X51 System Restore Won't Work

It seems like the partitions are corrupted; I will recommend you to make a clean installation of windows, if you don’t have the CD you can request it here if you live within US or Canada if not contact the technical support site in your country so they can send you one. 

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