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Alienware and HD 5970. When is it going to happen?


This was taken from AMD's press release a few days ago.

Now shipping from retailers and available in the channel, the ATI Radeon™ HD 5970 also launches today in new Alienware Area-51, Area-51 ALX and Aurora desktop PCs.


1. Would anyone know when they are going to offer the HD 5970 in those systems? (and in Canada)

2. Its odd how you cannot choose the HD 5870 (single card) in the Aurora AXL in Canada. All other countries offer it. Why is that?


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The Radeon 5970's are available in Alienware Area 51 and Area 51 ALX desktop systems.  This is a very heavy/large card, and I do not think it will fit in mid-tower cases without some serious modification.  Only a large, full tower case with an Extended ATX motherboard can hold these cards.  I'm not sure if they will be available in Aurora desktops but the cards can be configured in Area 51's with DUAL ATI Radeon 5970's as we speak. Take a look.





Thanks for the update. Still nothing in Canada.....

They probably just added the 5970 on the USA site today. I had checked yersteday and it was not offered.

Hope it arrives up North sooner then later. Its starting to get cold and I could definetly use that card to heat up my appartment.


It should fit in the aurora based on the video and pics I saw of the chassis. Hopefully soon I will get my aurora and could comment further, but until then IMHO it will fit without any modification.

I honestly think they don't offer it in the aurora is cause of the power supply. 

Also, the 5970s and 5780s are in short supply cause of shortages.



Just spoke with Alienware sales support.

They tell me that the 5970 will never be available in the AXL Aurora and wil only be available in the Area-51 in 7 months from now!!!!!!! (In Canada)

What? Its already available in the USA systems (Area-51). This makes no sense. Either these guys have no idea what they are talking about or this makes absolutly no sense!!!!.



Thats odd... there has to be a good reason for it. However in some cases, Dell holds out on the higher end cards for the higher end systems so you pay more :( Its sad, but true.



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