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Alienware fusion windows 7 problem

Hello everyone. Alienware fusion can't work with windows 7 system, anyone has nice solution for this?

Thanks a lot!

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Did you try the  newer version???

Run it in compatibility mode (Vista SP2).


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Hi coolqiujing,Since the release of windows 7 several issues have come to my attention Alien fusion is one of them.

Alien Fusion doesn't properly support Windows 7 yet.
Just use the Windows Power Options instead and disable the Alien Fusion Service. It's a resource hog anyway.

I found that turning off the Fusion process and setting it to manual start gives you a nice jump in your benchmark scores. You don't need it, everything it does can be managed through the standard Windows power management applets, and it does have a detrimental effect on performance. My advice would be to drop it.

To turn off alien fusion do the following,
Hit the windows button and type in "Services". Select "Services" from the list of applications that appears. Find the Fusion service in the listing and set it's startup value to be "Manual", and then right click it and make sure the service is currently stopped.


Tim Suddaby


All right, thank you so much!

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