Alienware graphics amplifier for older model laptops

I was just wondering if the new graphics amplifier will be able to be used on my Alienware 18 laptop I got early 2014. I really want to get one but I don't know if it will work on mine.

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RE: Alienware graphics amplifier for older model laptops

It won't. The GA's cable requires a special port on the laptop in order to work, and only the newer laptops have that port. Older laptops lack the port, and therefore cannot use the GA.

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RE: Alienware graphics amplifier for older model laptops

I wouldn't put my chips on being able to run the Graphics Amplifier on the Alienware 18.

You would not only have to take out the motherboard out of a current model, you would have to modify your 18's chassis as well.

Still - not supported and we do NOT recommend it.

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