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Alienware is not working, support is not helping

Hello everyone,

I'm writing in desperation, as I feel a bit abandoned by alienware support.
My million-dollar m17x-R4 machine broke down (shut down and doesn't give any signs of life every since last wednesday), and I've got my 1-day-in-home-warranty, and reported the issue multiple times (the support even noted that replacement for motherboard and vga is needed) but literally nothing is happening. The technician doesn't call, they come up with excuses like they couldn't dial my number, or that the replacement parts are not available. Last time I called the system of the tech support guy didn't work, so he was not able to check the my status. I'm shocked. I asked them for e-mail confirmation every time, but still didn't get a single one to prove that I actually reported the issue.
My warranty ends in 10 days, and I really hope Dell is not trying to play this card. Even worst: I'm traveling away from the UK to Germany in a few days. I'm at an international conference right now, and I need the laptop badly. I feel like I'm being abandoned and being fed with excuses, despite the fact that my machine is a really expensive one to be non-functional after 11 month. I've got a 1-day warranty for a reason, and I still see no progress after a week.

Could anyone give any tips on how to handle this situation?

Thank you very much!
Best regards:

Attila Katona

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Re: Alienware is not working, support is not helping

Hi Attila,

Try contacting our international queue using this link

You can try UK's phone support or Germany's.

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