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Alienware m17x r4 - Should i replace my screen? Why would this happen?


About two months ago I received my new Alienware m17x and I absolutely love it.

Being used to a dinosaur Dell 17,3'inch Studio this refreshing and powerful system is amazing! I can only recommend this absolute beast! 

This is indeed a very nice PC... but this being said... 

When I unpacked my alien I quickly noticed some flaws. Scratches on the black painted metal, smudgy residue various places, but the thing that stands most out is the -what i can best describe as a- gap, that there is at the left speaker, between the side of the pc and the main plastic cover (where the keyboard is placed). 

I simply whipped away the smudge... but the two other issues worried me. 

Irritated and a little let down I started setting my PC up. It has been playing very nicely for the time that i have had it, if you ignore that fact that my webcam wont function. However, i am sure that this is just caused by a missing or outdated driver. 

As time went by i started ignoring the flaws that my alien came with. However, a new problem has now occurred...

Two tiny bugs has made their way into my screen and are now stuck underneath it. The insects are huge, but once seen they cannot be unseen. 

First of all the fact that insects are now stuck underneath my screen annoys me beyond belief, since i am very OCD about this kind of stuff, but next is the thought of Alienware m17x being less, and less the perfect PC that i expected. Smiley Sad

These computers are far from cheap so of course you would expect the craftsmanship and quality to be outstanding. 

Since i received my alien with some flaws i am beginning to think that maybe the craftsmanship on my particular PC wasnt top dollar, which could be why insects could make their way into the display. 

I do have pictures of the scratch and the "gap" that my alien came with, however i do not have a photo of the residue since i could simply whip it off the machine, i simply thought that it was worth noteing. 

In addition i also have a photo of the insects stuck underneath my screen, however it is not of high quality since my camera has a hard time taking pictures of the display. Smiley Happy

(I will upload the pictures in the reply section).


- The insects are what bothers me the most. 

- They are not dead pixels. 

Does the warranty cover this? If not how do i get these filthy screen invading violaters out of my screen? 

That is it. I have been a complaining and negative creep for too long now - atleast if you ask me. 

Edit: I quickly came aware of the fact that i could not post pictures in the reply section, so i might aswell post them here. 

(I chose to post the pictures in the reply section due to difficulties posting them here).

1. The scratch.


2. The gap.


3. Comparison.



(I am aware of the poor quality).

Thank you!

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