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Alienware m17x r4 integrated webcam and microphone are not working after factory restore

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Re: Alienware m17x r4 integrated webcam and microphone are not working after factory restore

Hi ranishmalhan,

You can download and install the webcam software from the following link http://dell.to/1861StZ.

Also, download and install the audio drivers from the following link http://dell.to/151lrQ4 -> click on Drivers and downloads -> choose the operating system -> expand Audio, download and install the driver.

Thanks & Regards,
Appu S
To know more about Dell’s Product Support, Drivers & Downloads, Orders & Dispatch status -> choose your region USA, India. For Dell Support Videos, click Here.

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RE: Alienware m17x r4 integrated webcam and microphone are not working after factory restore

recently had a web cam not showinrg in device manager. I had to do a bios update and then it was fixed.

This is a copy of t


Thank you for contacting Dell Hardware Email Support.


I’m sorry that you are experiencing problems with your computer.


I will do my best to solve the problem as soon as possible.


Based on your problem description the cause for it can be Software or Hardware related. To solve the mentioned problem as soon as possible, we need first to identify the cause for it.

Accordingly to this I would like to ask you to perform following steps and diagnostics that we can get on fastest way to a solution:


1.  Please update the BIOS A 11 from bellow site. Please follow the Installations Instructions:






2. Please press FN+F9 to switch the webcam on. Please let me know if the webcam led is on ( situated on webcam) and also if you can see it under the IMAGING DEVICES in the Device manager.




3. Please also try if the webcam is generated  in bellow online test:





4. Please also try the bellow steps mentioned in the video:





Please send me all results of above essential steps/diagnostics to be able to find the cause of your problem and move forward in this case.


Please send me  your contact address (if a Service check has to be realized), desired repair date and two phone numbers, where you are reachable/attendant between 9am – 5pm.


Please check your system for any other hardware failure which you didn’t mention in your E-Mail. Thank you.


Please use the same E-Mail address and don’t delete the previous conversation as well as the E-Mail subject to prevent delay in our communication.

In case we don’t get reply within next days, we will contact you from CER_Services_Email1@Dell.com to get sure that you have obtained this E-Mail.


Thank you for your co-operation.


I wish you a nice day.


Yours sincerely,


he email sent to me to resolve the webcam issue .

Hope it helps.

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