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Alienware m17x upgrades

Hello, I bought an Alienware m 17x back in 2009 and Im looking to upgrade it. I want a new hard drive, possibly solid state, graphics card, and possibly processor if possible. Basically I'd like someone to tell me what parts the mother board will support and suggest parts and prices. I have two four gig ram cards in the computer right now, and the rest is basically standard what the laptop came with when I bought it.. I don't know all that much about computer parts and what would work and what wouldn't so all help would be welcomed!

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RE: Alienware m17x upgrades

Rodney, I also have the M17X and i have recently added another 8GB of ram to bring it up to 16 and also replaced one drive with a hybrid. I would not recomend replacing the CPU but the graphics HDD and some more ram should be fine. I am currently on the lookout for a graphics card to replace mine with if i get a good card i will let you know

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