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Alienware r3 13 has audio crackling issue

Just got my r3 13 two days ago, i7 7700 HQ 8 GB ram and nividia 1060, and Windows 10, loaded up Doom and COD: Advanced Warfare. 

When playing Doom I occasionally hear a crackling sound, but when I play Advanced Warfare it is constant and makes the game unplayable. This is with Headphones or with the built-in speakers. I have all the updates for Windows 10 and from Alienware for the hardware.

Has anyone had this issue or know a fix.

Makes me want to return the laptop if I can't even play games on it without the audio working.

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Re: Alienware r3 13 has audio crackling issue

Hi church0724‌,

Uninstall the audio driver and reinstall the new one from our website here (released March 18th).

Let me know!

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