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Alienware r4 alx i7 3820 desktop sli gtx 660 crashing

Hello ,

I bought the desktop in November and have nothing but trouble with it, trying to play games on it is in possible , Battlefield 3 stays on for a few moments then my pc crashes to a black screen same with call of duty black ops i then have to turn off the pc ,I have called dell and they said it sounded like one of the gtx 660 needed replacing . I have all the latest drivers and have disabled the nvida hd audio, My bios is a05 my spec is i7 3820 dual gtx 660 8gb ram, any help would be very grateful

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Re: Alienware r4 alx i7 3820 desktop sli gtx 660 crashing

Could be a lot of things.

If your tech skill level or patience is low, I suggest you keep working with Phone Support.

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Re: Alienware r4 alx i7 3820 desktop sli gtx 660 crashing

I believe that a replacement might be the best way to go. Send us an e-mail to AWsocialMEdia@dell.com with your tag, phone and a brief description of the issue and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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