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Alienware r4 is not opening or charging


I sent my Alienware laptop to service because of a defective keyboard. I received it back last Friday, and the Alienware technician changed the motherboard and keyboard. However, I now can't open the computer. The charger light is on, but when I plug it into the computer, it goes off. In addition to that, the keyboard and charger plug have a burnt smell and emit a sparkling kind of noise. I spoke with Alienware Customer Service, but it didn't get me anywhere. They tell me they are sending a technician to my house, but I work 9-5 so there is no way I can wait for the technician on weekdays and they don't come on weekends. Can you propose a different solution for this? I tried holding the power button for 1 min like customer service suggested, but it did not work.

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Re: Alienware r4 is not opening or charging

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