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Alienware x14 hard-drive keeps firing up every minute or so.

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I have a new Alienware x14 with ssd and hdd. I only have a few applications / frameworks installed :

Sublime text, 2, Visual Studio 2012, DirectX SDK June 2010, SlimDX, Virtual Clone Drive,and I have removed the anti-virus software and disabled indexing on the hard-drive (in an effort to stop this effect). I don't recall noticing it at first, but certainly for the past two weeks, the hard-drive has been firing up every 25 seconds to a minute or more. So it makes a beeping-like sound - which could just be the spindle accelerating or whatever and it whirrs for about 19 seconds then stops. This is generally non-stop. Although at times it doesn't do it. Just while ive been typing this post, it has spun up about 5 times.

The computer exhibits no other performance issues, and I have used the hard-drive to store installers and some few image files with no issues. Over-all I am so very happy with this computer, it's a joy to use and it's fun. But oh man, this hard-drive continuously firing is starting to drive me nuts. Is this a common issue or is it a hardware issue or a possible windows issue ? I have decided that it's annoying enough that It needs to be fixed or i'll have to ask for a replacement. But if it's just a setting or app that's causing it i can fix it myself.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Alienware x14 hard-drive keeps firing up every minute or so.

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Hi Gavin,

That doesn't sound like normal behavior, please send us an e-mail to with your service tag, phone number and best time to reach you, include on that e-mail the link to this thread, a brief explanation of the issue you are experiencing and my name, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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