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Alienware x51 Blue screening after updating USB 3.0

Windows Update had an update for USB 3.0 ports (Renesas Electronics USB 3.0) that I updated  on 26.02.2013.
Ever since then, whenever I plug my external USB 3.0 HDD into either port on the back, it Blue Screens the computer.
I have tried uninstalling the drivers from the Device Manager and re-installing the stock drivers from here:


I still get the same Blue Screen after the re-install. The computer works if the HDD isn't plugged in.
Can anyone help or direct me to help? 

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Re: Alienware x51 Blue screening after updating USB 3.0

Be sure nothing is connected to any USB 3.0 ports.

Drop down to Safe Mode

Uninstall anything Renesas from "Programs and Features"

Reboot and back to Safe Mode

Delete Renesas ports from Device Manager or Devices and Printers


Install latest Dell posted Renesas drivers for your machine.

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Re: Alienware x51 Blue screening after updating USB 3.0

That is what I did... Except for the "Program & Features" part since there is nothing "Renesas" in there.

I seem to have fixed the problem by Restore Point roll-backing to the 23 of February. Although this doesn't help me with getting the update for USB 3.0, at least my ports work.

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Re: Alienware x51 Blue screening after updating USB 3.0

I would recommend staying with the Dell/AW provided drivers rather than the ones offered by Windows Update.  the versions distributed by Win update are not tested by Dell for compatibility eventhough they "say" Renesas.

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Re: Alienware x51 Blue screening after updating USB 3.0


Restore the system back to when it was working fine, follow the steps in this article:

How to run Windows® 7 System Restore in your Alienware™ computer

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