Alienware x51 GPU upgrade help

I have the X51 (2012) with the i7-3770 and the GeForce GTX 555. It really needs an upgrade to the graphics as its starting to struggle with a few of my programs and games (I let GeForce do optimal settings). I've compared the specs of the GTX 555 with a few cards and it looks like I can do an easy swap with a GeForce GTX 1050 but I thought id ask first in case I'm wrong or I've missed something. And according to this post https://community.dell.com/message/54050 I have the 330W

Is the GTX 1050 ok

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Re: Alienware x51 GPU upgrade help

Hi dragonlightning‌,

These are the validated cards for your model:

nVIDIA® Geforce™ GT 545 (Standard)
nVIDIA® Geforce™ GTX 555
nVIDIA® Geforce™ GT 640
nVIDIA® Geforce™ GTX 660

The GTX1050 is not an officially a validated card, but it should work as long as they meet the right sizes. 

Max Length: 9.5''

Max Height: 4.376"

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Re: Alienware x51 GPU upgrade help


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Re: Alienware x51 GPU upgrade help

I don't know, but for the money, it's not much of an upgrade, is it?



Isn't a 560 (has more history data) slightly better than a 555? 


When upgrading an older x51, I would keep this in mind:



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Re: Alienware x51 GPU upgrade help

Its actually quite a bit of an upgrade and not that expensive. My old GTX555 was on the lowest settings on every game, I just installed the GTX 1050 Ti yesterday and everything in now on mid to high.

If anyone else reads this whos wanting to upgrade, the GTX 1050 Ti works fine and its an easy swap I was actually surprised how easy it was.

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Re: Alienware x51 GPU upgrade help

I was just think of doing the same thing.  I see you have been running for a while now,  any issues?  Was the power supply sufficient?  Just out of curiosity,  what brand did you buy (OEM) ?


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