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Alienware x51 R3: Fan/Pump Failure

I have had this computer since Sept. 2015 and it had been fine and has had no issues until today. When I came back from school, I got on, watched some YT, but it started to lag when I was playing a game. I reset my computer to see if that fixed it and my screen came up with the errors:

Alert! CPU FAN Failure.

Alert! LC FAN Failure.

Alert! LC PUMP Failure.

When I got back on after that, I noticed how slow it become and how noisy it was. These are the fan settings.

Can anyone help me fix this?

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RE: Alienware x51 R3: Fan/Pump Failure

I would open it up while the unit is off and check the fan and pump connectors to make sure they are plugged in.  If they are, unplug them then plug them back in and see if that fixes it.  If it doesn't your pump has probably failed in truth and needs to be replaced by Dell. 

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