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Alienware x51 i7-3770 Voltage and Temps

I'm just curious to see what everyone is seeing on this model and processor since we can't overclock and are limited by what the system automatically selects.

My voltage seems to be very high looking at CPU-Z. My voltage is hanging pretty steadily at 1.368V. Earlier today, coming out of sleep mode, I saw it shoot all the way up to 1.39V. I don't know why it did coming out of sleep mode but it did. 

After waking the computer from sleep in a cold room, my temperatures slowly rise from about 30C to between 55-60C idle. Although the cause of this would seem to be hot air building up, I believe my CPU fan is working fine. When I ran Prime95 for 2 hours, the highest the temperatures got were about 82C.

Can everyone with this same model and processor please post their CPU voltages and temperatures? Thanks! 

FIrst image is of normal idle CPU information. Second image is a picture I snagged when the voltage shot up to 1.39V and was coming down. 

0268.X51 i7 3770.jpg

3036.X51 i7 3770 2.jpg

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