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Alienware x51 r2 crashing/freezing problem

Hello all, I've been experiencing very frequent crashes on my 4 year-old X51 R2 and would like to discover the problem with my system. It usually goes like this:

1) Boot up computer, everything goes smoothly

2) After using it under low or even no load (browsing the web/watching youtube videos/idling) for about 15-20 minutes, the display will just crash and turn off. It will often come with a single 'ping' sound (seems like a common sound from windows bit can't remember which). BUT it seems like I can still interact the PC. I can still pause and play videos, skip music, close pages even while the screen is black.

3) Funny thing is, the audio does not disconnect and I'm still able to listen to any video/music I was currently enjoying. I can even continue talking to my friends on VOIP programs.

4) This forces me to hard reset it by holding the power button

5) Afterwards, the computer often does not boot up to show the Alienware logo. I do hear a single beep everytime I try to power the system on though (I've read around that this means it boots up fine, just that it does not connect to the display?)

6) Even if it does boot up, it often does not make it past the "Starting Windows" stage, often crashing there, yet again forcing a hard reset

7) At the end of all these issues, granted that I manage to get to the desktop, the problems generally do not occur and the x51 r2 runs completely fine for extended periods of time (10 hours)

Can't get to my computer now so specs (off the top of my head) :

GTX 760ti oem
Stock motherboard
330W Power Brick
1TB Seagate HDD
1 x 4gb Kingston value memory RAM
1 x 4gb Hynix RAM

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Re: Alienware x51 r2 crashing/freezing problem


Can you please confirm if you are using an HDMI cable to connect your monitor and if its plugged in to the upper port on the back of the system or the bottom port on the video card? Please try running a PSA/Diagnostics test to check the main hardware components. To run this test, press the F12 key during boot to access the Boot menu first, then select the PSA/Diagnostics option. Let us know if you receive any errors during the test. 

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