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Alienware17 doesn't recognise 2nd screen


I am currently having a problem with my alienware 17 hdmi port. I did some updates and it was working perfectly fine but then, when I turned on the next morning, everything on the screen became super big. But the problem is that now it doesn't want to recognise my second screen. 
It happened with my boyfriend's alienware also, the exact same problem. 

Can someone please tell me if they may know the reason why? 

Thank you very much,


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RE: Alienware17 doesn't recognise 2nd screen

Hi Juliecyy, 

This could be a driver related issue. Try reinstalling both the Intel and Nvidia/AMD drivers. For the Intel driver, click here for the download link. For the Nvidia/AMD driver, try using the latest one from their website. If you need help finding this driver, let us know the graphics card and the Windows Operating System that you are running with the computer. 

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