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Alineware GPU malfunction

The GPU is malfunctioning is such ways.
I purchased a 3500 dollar machine, with a HD 6990m installed on it.
First it showed, a blue screen, after a few days of purchase,
With contact of tech support and fixing by a dell techincian,
The GPU was seen in the BIOS setting and Device manager as a HD 6900m Series,
But why does the HD 6990m that used to have a Windows 7 rating of over 7
Now show a rating of 5.8 and 5.3?
Now I was fine was this, as long as it worked without a problem
Until when I ran programs which a Intergrated GPU (Intel HD 3000) could run without any problem
The HD 6900m showed irritating vertical lines on the screen, glitching and lagging the game Making it impossible to enjoy the game for a second.
Then time to time, it would work.
When it does work this is just temporary,
The computer will show black screens and once a bunch of vertical green lines,
And end up crashing.
Now it doesn’t even recognize the damn HD 6900m in the Device manager nor the BIOS set-up screen
As suggested on the website, I tried updating  the driver,
which ended up failing, since it was unable to detect a ATI GPU.
Now? Im just clueless and disappointed about this luxurious machine.
The system is so unstable it is unbelievable how much I paid and how much I regret.
And I realize where all the notorious reviews on Dell are coming from.
I would like to ask for a full refund,
but since it passed the limited time.
I request a full hardware replacement.
The warranty is an ugraded 2 year warranty and is still under it.
When it is fixed, I would like it to show a HD 6990m in the device manager.
And actually use it for once and deserve what I have paid for.
Where must i send my machine to
to get this thing fixed up,
and dell dont erase my posts,
Just speaking truth.
Does anybody in theforum
Know how to fix the glitching screen? during GPU use?
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Re: Alineware GPU malfunction

Thank you for providing as much information as you did. It is definitely helpful to be able to know Smiley Happy

I know it has been a bit since you posted on the community, and I hope that you have had the opportunity to resolve your issue by now. Please, let me know if you have.

Otherwise, I would recommend calling in to have a tech come and replace the card first. If that doesn't work, then there may need to be other resolutions. If you have updated the driver, bios, and other software, then hardware is the only other culprit available. Typically, this is the card itself or the port it is connected to.

Also, please understand that it being represented as a 6900m series is nothing to be concerned with. Depending on where you look, it may just recognize it only as a 6900m series and that is perfectly fine.


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