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Another Creators issue unresolved

Anyone noticed these issues.

First any easy one. If you downloaded the Upgrade Assist in order to load W10 Creator's before it was offered, there will be a folder in File Explore beneath C:windows labeled Windows10upgrade. Disk Clean will not delete this folder but you can right click on it and select delete. You can also try deleting the Upgrade Assist from Programs and features.

There is one other issue I can't seem to resolve so if anyone can figure it out (if even possible) please post.

W10 Creator's change the administrator's rights to Installer only in the following folder in Explore. C:windows/Logs/CBS

Before you could delete the files as they grew in size. Now Windows prohibits the removal of these files inside CBS.

I have tried changing, adding, etc., privileges but W10 wont allow it. This folder has expanded to 20 mb. The cbspersists get around 15mb then stops but creates a CBS file until it gets to 15mb or so and the pattern continues. It is a disc space killer.