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Anyone else experience this with their Alpha R2?

My new Alpha R2 will not wake from sleep when using a usb device (mouse or keyboard), is this normal?

Power Management for both my keyboard and mouse have "Allow this device to wake the computer" toggled on. Both USB devices will wake from sleep themselves, but will not wake the Alpha R2.

I upgraded from the first gen Alpha, and never had this problem.

Side question, for those who play World of Warcraft.

My previous Alpha was an i3, 8GB RAM, GTX GPU 2GB and I upgraded to the new R2 i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 960 which should boast "60% increase in graphics performance." However, after the pre-patch for Legion with the added graphical settings the recommended number on the first Alpha was "6" and now with the R2 the recommended is lower at "5."

I get much better FPS on the R2 at 6 and higher numbers when compared to the first Alpha, but can anyone articulate why the recommended setting is lower for the GTX 960 than the custom GTX GPU in the original alpha?

Thanks in advance for anyone who responds to either.

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RE: Anyone else experience this with their Alpha R2?


The game doesn't seem to be recognizing the OEM card properly. As long as it runs well (graphics-wise) I would not worry about that automated setting and would simply set it to what you know would run better.

For the sleep issue, you can try reinstalling the video driver.

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