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Area-51 Command Center won't let me change fan speed (stuck on auto)

I own an Alienware Area 51 Desktop PC. The command center won't let me use the manual controls. I've set profiles, clean reinstalled, restarted, removed profiles, etc, but nothing works! I don't trust this software to be on auto, as it puts my fans down to about 22% when I need them up 60 to 90 percent. I can't play any video games until I fix this, or else my VERY expensive computer will destroy its self. It worked fine yesterday, but once again, all of a sudden the Command Center is broken. Every month there is a problem with this software, and it's of vital importance because it controls the fans on my computer, which I obviously need working correctly otherwise my computer will overheat! I've already had to have the video card changed because of overheating from this software just turning off my fans for no reason. Every now and then I get registry errors which a clean reinstall can fix, but this current issue seems to be permanent. How can Alienware let computers be controlled by this terrible software? PLEASE help! Every moment gone is another part of my computer overheating.

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Re: Area-51 Command Center won't let me change fan speed (stuck on auto)


Be careful of allowing Windows Update to automatically load stuff. They can conflict with our software.

* You must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 installed for our software to function correctly
* Download, Saveto Desktop, run DotNetChecker.exe http://ravib.com/dotnetchecker/
* If 4.0 is not installed, get it here http://bit.ly/P1UzJq
* Load it and restart the system
* Follow these instructions to remove the Command Center software http://dell.to/HcmulI
* When done, download and install this Command Center A02 http://dell.to/RJXPN3
* Optional Downloads =
Custom Alienguise Desktop Themes http://dell.to/RJXPN3
AlienFX Media Plug-In http://dell.to/SG7EMO

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