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Area-51 PC Support - (or the lack of!)

Received my Area 51 PC about 6 weeks ago and have been reasonable happy with it, until last week when I went to switch it on and it was as dead as the proverbial door nail, the power supply had failed.

Contacted support so far so good, I've got a 3 year next business day maintenance contract so an engineer will call the following day to replace. Next morning get a voice mail saying that the part isn't in stock and they'll let me know when it is, which usually takes about 3 days, Called to point out that a next business day contact isn't 3 days and its what it says on the tin, and asked that they expedite delivery (ah, there's a cost there)

Anyway to cut a long story short I've been exchanging phones calls and emails with Alienware for over a week now, my PC still doesn't work but they've kindly forwarded me copies of the terms and conditions for "next" business day support, but what I still don't have is a working PC or any indication of when this might be resolved.,

Thinking of buying one? DON'T, non standard parts coupled with unhelpful/uncooperative support staff (when there's an issue that can't be resolved on the phone) equals just plain misery...

I always gauge a business by how they deal with problems after a sale and Dell/Alienware have simply failed this test...

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Re: Area-51 PC Support - (or the lack of!)

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