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Area 51 R2-Upgrades, Mods, Clarifications


-Mother Board Replaced X99A Raider MSI


-PSU upgrade are picky!!!! EVGA 1000 GQ PSU do work, unsuccessful with Rosewill, and corsair .

-980TI amp extremes work perfectly in sli with only 1/2 slot between them.

-NVME Boot have mixed results for a start up disk. Many unsuccessful, pick up the 850 Pro for a hassle free boot + the Rapid mode

-32GB 2400 MHz works like a champ. Mixing the Samsung OEM Ram is picky (tried it, failed)

-Sound Blaster Z makes a hug improvement, works well in the R2 

-Mid fan.....Remove the stupid black panel. Order VNPD3 Holder,P-FAN-120,CENTAURI. $30.30 (ask for free shipping) and add LED fans =)

-Remove the shipping bracket for the graphic card...It installed by blind rivets and a few screws, it does nothing but block air.( Challenge me...I have two of the biggest graphics card on the market without that bracket and I move my case all the time. )

-Removed stock fans and added cool LED fans they are way quieter. 

-Alienware stock CPU cooler is okay. I added corsair H55 and made 5-7 degree difference and way quieter  (doesn't have that rattle noise) 

-Installed Noctua as the radiator fan for H55....Totally worth it, no noise . added 10 degree difference

-Sli Bridge, can only speak for 2 way, SLI EVGA works great, and LED lights up (60mm LONG)

-Route all wiring to the other side (HDD side), the wiring is long enough 

I bought the base model knowing I was going to upgrade. Selling the components on ebay also offsets the price on these components . 

OEM Components Left:

  • Case 
  • HDD (just a regular hard drive, why replace it?) 






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Why didn't the corsair psu's work ?!

Which corsair series did you try ?

Which corsair psu's did you try *

For the graphics card psu cables have you used one 6 pin connector with one 2 pin connector for the eight pin power socket on gpu ?

Tried the ax series psu, no Ida why it wouldn't work, the mb would not turn on ..I use 8 pin connectors Bc the Evga psu I have uses 8 pin vga cables , I use 32 gb corsair vegeance 2400 ddr4 ram.


To answer your question, a six pin and 2 pin will work


What screw driver is needed to correctly unscrew the screw on the back of the lock switch? Will a tip 00 screw driver be fine ?




What screw driver is #1 my friend ?

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