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Area 51 faulty active vents

So last year I purchased 5 Area 51 machines, have never had a single problem with any of them.

This month I purchased another 6 Area 51s, ... they've only been up and running a couple of weeks and:


1 has squeaking and loud clicking noises whenever the vents move, really loud clicking, very annoying, so far waiting 2 weeks for replacement + engineer to arrive.

1 has sticky vents,-  2 of them stick down, 1 sticks up (the one that sticks up has obvious misalignment). Also waiting 2 weeks so far for replacement (backordered)

1 doesn't work at all, bluescreens with fatal hardware error before windows even loads, can't even boot from CD. but aside from that, this unit also has loud clicking faulty vents.


So 3 of 6 units have vents that need to be replaced, and that's only after 2 weeks. I wonder how long it'll be before the others go.

Did Alienware change it's manufacturer for the active venting component?

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