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Area 51's dead

In 2004 we bought two Alienware Area 51 desktop gaming machines.  They were nearly identical except one had more RAM, HD, Graphics card, etc.  I'll call the stronger machine #1 and the other #2.

Machine 1 was heavily used.  Machine 2 was hardly used.

Last year machine #1 died.  I started hearing a whistle sound and finally figured out that once I turned off the power supply the whistle stopped.   Finally it quit turning on at all.  Dead as a doorknob.  I figured it needed a new power supply.

In the meantime I used machine #2.  Just days later it refused to turn on as well.  No whistle or anything.  Just dead.

Again, its runtime was probably 1/4 of that from machine 1.

So, did both p/s die at nearly the same time due to age (even though one was used less)?  Or did/does Alienware have an embedded kill date to force fixing/replacing Smiley Happy  Or could the problem be something else other than p/s?

Anyone have ideas or similar experience?

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Re: Area 51's dead

You can test the power supplies with a digital power supply tester. Return machines to a very basic hardware config. After that, start swapping parts and find out what works.

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