Aurora R1 & R2 Bottom video card overheating?

If your PC is shutting off, open the case cover, power the PC on. Does the bottom video card feel hotter than the top one? If yes, I need the following in a private message. Click my username, click Send Message -
Email Address:
Shipping address:
Phone number:
PC Service Tag number:
Video Cards:
Video Card Driver version (Dell or Retail. Same issue with both?) :
PC Bios version:
Reason/Issue: Aurora R1 & R2 bottom video card overheating
HWMonitor and GPU-Z temperature results:
Benchmark, Game, Stress tool:
Capture Candidate Yes/No:

If your willing to let us capture the effected PC -
* We will setup a full system exchange
* You will receive via email the Dispatch number and also a Return Airbill to get us the original PC
* When you get the replacement PC, send us the original one
* Do not make any changes to the operating system
* Backup your personal data to a DVD or USB hard disk drive. Do not format the hard disk drive
* When we are done testing, we will Fdisk/Format the hard disk drive so you do not need to worry about any of your information that is on it

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Re: Aurora R1 & R2 Bottom video card overheating?

Stupid question Chris, I know...  But how do I tell which Aurora I have?  And although I've never experienced the issue, Should I check the card, regardless?

PC Model: Aurora
Bios version: A.08
Command Center version:
Processor: i7 920
Ram: 6GB TriChan DDR3
Video Card: 2x5670 ATI Radeon Xfire
Video Card Driver version:
Sound Card: On Board Realtek HD Audio
Hard Disk Drive: Western Digital 1TB HDD
Optical Drive: PLDS DVD+-RW DH-24AAS
Monitor: Dell ST2310 Wideview
Keyboard: Alienware SK-8165
Mouse: Alienware optical
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

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Re: Aurora R1 & R2 Bottom video card overheating?

If you do not have the issue, I would not worry about it. The Aurora has the Intel X58 Tylersburg chipset. The Aurora R2 has the Intel P55 Express chipset. Downlad/install CPU-Z. Run it, click the Mainboard tab. It will show you the chipset.

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