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Aurora R2 PSU replacement help

Hey everyone, so to get this started 3 years ago (January 2010) i got my Aurora R2. Everythings been fine with it just i feel the GPU could do with being updated now to run BF4 better.

I was going to just replace the Radeon 5870 with a 780 Ti but i've been told that my CPU (i5 750) will probably Bottleneck the GPU. Anyway after much research i've found out that it would probably be stupid to try and run a GPU that requires a minimum Wattage of 600 on a 525W PSU.

So my question to you guys is, is there an after market PSU i could drop in with no hassle or rewiring required? I know there is the W299G 875W Dell Drop in PSU but i cannot find one in the UK or Even if you one of you know a UK seller of the W299G PSU that would be of a great help. 

Thanks All!

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