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Aurora R4 6Beeps on boot - Windows 8

Hello all,

Coming here because all the things I have tried myself failed and I'm uncertain of whaty exactly is the problem.


Sometime (not all the time) my computer won't turn On and 6beeps until I turn it off. I just wait a bit and then it turn on fine. Computer also crashes pretty often, even when I do simple stuffs from browsing mozilla to playing games). At first it only happened when playing games but now it can happan basically at any time.

Crashes consists of screen freezing, sound sometime keeps going, sometime crashes too.


It seems 6 beeps mean either GPU problem or Motherboard (and I can't tell which one it is)

My drivers are up to date, all the diagnostics I've ran detected no problems (with the Support assist).


If you need anything more to try to help me make sure to tell me (not sure what to explain more)


Thanks for your time

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Re: Aurora R4 6Beeps on boot - Windows 8

I only have a minute b4 I head off to the rat race --> 6beeps is Grfx card error, your GPU, vid-card

Alienware Beep Codes Table >< Aurora 6 beeps >< No Boot 6 Beeps Aurora R4 >< google:

Do yourself a favor, upgrade for free to 10 on a different cloned drive (Macrium Reflect or Acronis) while you can,

Create Windows 10 installation media >

As you switch between booting into 8 & 10 in the future, you might be able to rule out software failures on one drive or the other. Not sure what your problem is but you can research 6beeps til someone jumps in to help out. Having a spare card to test with would be a good thing to have right about now ... ... ...