Aurora R4 ALX Bios Upgrade issue.......

I have recently tried to install a new version of BIOS since the Dell update was pestering me to do so and it all went haywire. I installed the BIOS and now it will not boot unless I use the Bios EXE file in a flash drive. other wise it does nothing except tell me that no hard drives are present. I had version A07 installed but have had some minor issues with video since I upgraded my video card, even with the newest drivers. I tried installing version A11, and all went well until it restarted. I have looked on the forum for this and have found nothing, but I am sorry if I in fact missed a possible solution. I did however find the exact same issue I was having with no answer on the Dell Community Forum (link:  )  

Any help with the issue is much appreciated .

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RE: Aurora R4 ALX Bios Upgrade issue.......

I always suggest DOS-boot if possible (to reduce bricking risk). If not possible on UEFI system, or if executable requires Windows, there is always Safe-Mode.
CMOS/BIOS Upgrades:
Don't update MotherBoard CMOS/BIOS unless under warranty and talking to phone rep. due to "bricking" risk. This is especially true with older (non-UEFI) conventional Legacy-BIOS machines. Try those outside-of-Windows first with DOS bootable media.
Newer UEFI machines might be less prone to bricking/killing. Finally, a very old BIOS might have bugs/glitches that are fixed in newer versions. If you are far behind and have many to install, it's usually best to just install them all in order (checking machine after each one).
I've had good luck flashing BIOS outside of Windows with Rufus-made FreeDOS bootable flash drive. If in UEFI-Mode, you might have to temporarily switch back to Legacy-Mode to get flash-drive to boot:


I think this is a good thread:

We brought this one back from the dead.

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