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Aurora R4 PSU Going Bad Where/How To Buy New One?


My Wife and I recently moved apartments and on about the 8th or 9th day of being in the new place, my Aurora R4 (standard chassis/non-alx) started shutting off out of nowhere like someone had pulled the plug. I've never had any trouble with the machine before. It was fairly dusty inside, so I pulled the side of the case off and blew it out thoroughly, but it shut down again twice since then.

I've been searching and searching these and other forums but can't find some simple information on where to get a replacement power supply for the Aurora R4. 

About 5 months ago I upgraded the GPU to a GTX760 and have had no issues. Just a smooth running monster of a machine that allowed me to play WoW on Ultra settings (the only game I play). I've tried plugging it into the wall directly instead of using a power strip, too, to no avail.

I had my 2 2TB external HDs plugged in (I've unplugged them since the shutdowns began). Now I only have my Line 6 UX2 audio interface and my SteelSeries Cataclysm color changing mouse plugged into the USB slots, so there shouldn't be a huge power draw and besides, at my old apartment, I had everything plugged in and never had any problems. No beep codes, no smoke, nothing. Just doing my thing and BAM, shuts right off and a fan kicks in on high for a minute then shuts off.

I am not very technical with hardware stuff but can install my own graphics cards, etc. I don't really want to upgrade/replace the PSU with a different brand because it's worked great since I got the machine in April of 2012. Can you tell me where to get a new or good used PSU for an Alienware Aurora R4?

Thank you very much and I honestly appreciate the help.


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RE: Aurora R4 PSU Going Bad Where/How To Buy New One?


For the PSU information, I recommend you contact the Dell Sales Support department. However, it might not necessarily be the PSU that is causing the system to shut down. It could be overheating, we recommend you run tests on the CPU and the video card to check the how high the temperatures are going. Click here to view a Dell article with steps on how to run these tests.  

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RE: Aurora R4 PSU Going Bad Where/How To Buy New One?

Hi there and thank you for responding to my issue. 

I have been running HWMonitor since the issue began and nothing is even slightly out of the ordinary. All temperatures and fan speeds are within normal range. 

This past week, the problem seemed to have went away and I have been playing WoW quite a bit, but today, it happened again. I went to check the BSOD dump files for any possible info and none are being dumped/recorded so there's nothing to view.

When it happened before, the computer just instantly shut down and the front fan kicked on. I had to hard reset the power button to turn the machine off. Today, however, the machine instantly shut down and restarted on its own. 

I've used the OCCT tool to stress test everything, the diagnostic tool from Dell and I'm just at a loss at what to do and why this is happening. 

Again, I have an Alienware Aurora R4, GTX 760, 16gb ram, Windows 7 x64. Everything is stock that came in the computer (hardware) except for the gfx card.

Thank you and I sincerely appreciate the assistance and help.

--Holly and Randy

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