Aurora R4 Random Freezing

I bought my R4 back in 6/2013 and have never had any issues.

I need help trying to figure out what's causing this. My Aurora R4 started freezing during gameplay a few days ago. Here's the detailed information.


On Saturday, while playing Doom my PC randomly froze, and by froze I mean hard froze. I couldn't bring up alt+ctrl+del or anything. I had to hold the power button down. I assumed maybe it was a weird bug with the game. Turned it back on and went back to gaming, until it happened again in a different spot in the game. To shorten the story it happened about six times in a few hour window before I stopped playing Doom. So, I let the computer rest and try Overwatch later, about an hour in it does the same thing..hard froze. At this point I gave up, shut the PC down, and left it off the rest of the night. 

On Sunday I left it off all day and gamed on my laptop instead.

Yesterday (Monday), I decided to turn the Aurora back on and it give a shot. I gamed for roughly 7 hours with ZERO issues, no freezing, no problems what so ever. 

So, I think all is good and maybe it was a bad day on Saturday? Well, today it has happened twice again..Once while browsing the net (after about an hour of Overwatch I was browsing online and it froze) and now it just happened again after about an hour and a half of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. So, now I'm officially concerned.

So, the information on temps. The PC NEVER runs hot. While idling the sensors on my Alienware Command Center show like 25-28 degrees Celsius. My Asus GPU Tweak software shows my 1070 running around 37-39 degrees Celsius while idling. I check while gaming and usually after a while the 1070 shows around 58-65 degrees Celsius and my PC will be like 30-35 degrees Celsius on all sensors. I've read online and that's nowhere near hot enough to cause freezing. I have the premium liquid cooling ALX case.

I put a GTX 1070 Founder Edition by PNY in it about three weeks ago, never had any freezing until now. 

Next is my ram, it's fairly new ram (put in June) and I've never had issues with it. It's PNY  quad channel 16GB ram, I have it running at 1866mhz (which my motherboard supports). 

My processor is the 17 - 4820k. 

My initial though is maybe my hard drive was going bad, since the games installed are on the HD and not my SSD. But when I was browsing the web that time it froze and the browser is installed on my SSD. 

Now, I do have this question. On my Alienware Command Center it shows all my fans and everything running.. but my PCI Fan is usually at 1% while idling..while my HD Fan will be at around 28%. Should I change it from auto to manual and force the PCI fan to run more? Could that affect anything?

I honestly have no clue what could be causing the freezing and it isn't the same games and it doesn't happen all the time. I've never had this issue before and as it's just started and seems to be extremely common, I'm very concerned.


Any help would be appreciated! 

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RE: Aurora R4 Random Freezing


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RE: Aurora R4 Random Freezing

Any help here? It does fine some days without freezing and freezes on others..

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RE: Aurora R4 Random Freezing

Any help here?

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RE: Aurora R4 Random Freezing


I've been having very similar issues to the problem you're having

I've detailed my problems in full on this microsoft forums page.

(Theres a lot of problems that I had so I didn't write them all in here)

Any help at all on this matter would be greatly appreciated

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RE: Aurora R4 Random Freezing

I don't know if this helps but I had similar issues when I upgraded to Crucial Ballstix ram. The PC would freeze at random when playing games or while executing memory intensive apps.

I then found the R4 could have issues when using the default SPD profiles so I entered the ram specifications manually in bios and since then no freezing.

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RE: Aurora R4 Random Freezing

I already manually entered the timings, thanks for the suggestion, though!

It ended up being two things..I fixed it already and forgot to post here.

Realtek Audio Drivers and NVidia Geforce Experience were causing the freezes. After removing both, I've had zero issues for a while now.