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Aurora R4 can't get to POST with DIMM 1 slot in use.

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   Recently my system has had a problem that happened out of nowhere. It started with a random power off, and it wouldn't boot up properly. The computer would turn on, then click off, turn on, then click off and it would do that about 5 times before saying the overclock failed and I needed to f1 for setup or f2 default load and setup. I would default load and if I saved them and left, it would still do the restart over and over and I can only get into system if I pick load default but don't press f2 a second time for bios. I couldn't get it to POST one day, and I did the CMOS reset by taking the battery out for at least 10 minutes, and using the jumpers as well going form pins 2/3 to 1/2 and then back. This changed nothing, I would turn the computer on and it would turn the fans and lights on, everything seems normal, but nothing happens on the monitor. If I took all ram out it would beep that no ram was in, if I pressed the power supply test button on the back, it would run lights and fan and the green light near it would light up. So no problem there either. I messed around with the ram modules going into different slots, and eventually I got it to do the old restart 5 or so times problem. Which lets load the computer fine, it just does all that restarting and I can't run an overclock as I have to load default everytime I boot through that. It is currently in this condition - 

If I have ram in DIMM slot 1, it will turn on, lights and fans, but nothing on screen and it just sits running nothing ever happens, no beeps, or post, or anything. If I have ram in DIMM slot 2, it does a restart about 5 times and then finally stays on and I do the "overclock has failed" load default, then I only have 2gb of ram but it runs fine. DIMM slots 3/4 do not work under these conditions, and if I have nothing in 1/2 then 3/4 just have it beep as though there is no ram in the system.

I have not changed anything for ram, not hardware nor overclock or anything, its the ram that came with the system I have been running since 2012 with no problems. Every stick of ram works fine in slot 2, none work in slot 1,  since when slot 1 ever has a stick in it then it won't post, just runs. Like I said before, I have done power drains/removed cmos battery/used jumpers/ tested all sticks to work/powersupply is good. It has been narrowed down to be a problem with the motherboard involving DIMM slot 1 right? Is getting a motherboard replaced all I can do? I really don't have the money to dish out for a replacement like that, especially at the prices I looked up the 07JNH0 to be priced at. Warranty ran out almost a year ago as well, so that isn't an option for it to be covered. 

If specs are needed for whatever reason -
-Aurora R4 case 
-GTX 690
-3930K i7
-8gb of stock ram at 1600mhz (Micron manufactured)
-Running Windows 8.1 
-Bios version A11
-Motherboard Model :07JNH0 Version A02

Anything I can do beyond buying a replacement motherboard? If that is the case then where is somewhere reliable to get it from? Everything I saw was sketchy Asian sites or Ebay. Sorry for the large post, just wanted to cover all bases in case it is a little bit of time before I come back to any responses so this isn't left hanging over a small detail I left out.

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Hello Mr Taylor!

The only fix for this will be replacing the motherboard; you can contact the Dell sales department so they can provide you a quote for the replacement part.

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