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Aurora R4 - replacing fans


Anyone have any experience with replacing the CPU/HDD & PCI fans with more quiet counterparts?

My Aurora R4 is located in the living room and everyone is complaining about the fan noise when it's rendering movies or batch processing RAW images.

The most noise comes from the CPU cooler. I intend to replace that one with a Corsair H80i (if I can find one). Next, the PCI & HDD fans will be replaced to. But I wonder if the Noctua's are compatible with the Aurora's cable connectors.

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RE: Aurora R4 - replacing fans

just replaced my cpu cooler with an h80i v2 yesterday. It's a tight fit and the screws are short but it worked great. My first replacement was an H55 (almost identical to the original).

I hear the noctua's like NF A8 PWM are options for replacing the PCI fan

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Re: Aurora R4 - replacing fans

H80i V2 is a tight fit but worth it. You can even find some video in youtube on how to install it. I had the fan noise problem too, Alienware Therma controller does not really work well with Windows 10. My solution was to use the Corsair Command Pro. Please take a look to this discussion link.


Rhenium also recommended he Noctua Fan. I have not tried yet but I can tell that the Corsair Command Pro with the software Corsair Link gives extended flexibility not only for the pump/cooling H80i V2 but to independently control any fan attached to the corsair hardware and you can also create profile.

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Re: Aurora R4 - replacing fans

I revived an Alienware R4. Use Noctua NH U9S. It's a very silent cooler and whenever I play Deus Ex, it never sounds.

I prefer air cooler as reliability > performance. Air cooler makes maintenance much easier.

I use an after market Mobo (ASUS Z270G). So I hook my NH U9S to my mobo and an iPPC 2000 PWM to my mobo.

I attached three NF R8 Redux to the top vent filter and mask them as PCI fan, memory fan and CPU fan. NH U9S goes to my ASUS mobo.

Finally, I replaced the HDD and PCI bay fan with NF B9 Redux.

iPPC 2000 PWM is a poweful fan and may be noisy. You can try is NF S12B or NF F12 PWM.

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